Uber update adds features to make pickups less annoying

Uber Spotlight and Pre written Messages

Uber rolling out two new(ish) ways to make it easier for your driver to find you

Using this in-app tool, the rider can choose a certain color that will fill their handset's display. The idea was that you select a color in the app, and that color will light up an Uber logo inside the driver's auto - and your phone screen will display the same color, so you can hold it up to help your driver spot you.

Most people use Uber as situations arise but sometimes, you know well in advance when you'll need transportation (if you have an early flight or an important meeting, for example). Chief among the new features is something Uber calls "Spotlight", a simple in-app tool that transforms the rider's phone into a colorful torch to help their driver find them in the crowd.

It should also help reduce stress when a rider orders an Uber outside a crowded event, such as a concert or sports game, where many other people may be ordering a vehicle at the same time.

A group of Republican volunteers was allegedly booted from an Uber in North Carolina after a driver found out about the group's political leanings, according to reports. If you set a ride up in the future, Uber now guarantees your ride will arrive at the specified time. If it doesn't you get a $10 account credit. You can download Uber from the App Store for free.

Boeing scores opening win with Farnborough orders
The second day of the Farnborough Airshow did not see quite as much ordering action as Monday's first day, but both Boeing Co. Boeing shares closed higher in the US Friday ahead of the Farnborough air show held just outside of London this week.

The last feature is easily one of the most useful of the lot. There are a few pre-populated messages that can be sent with one tap as well. You can now send messages to your driver to provide an extra detail or two.

The driver then abruptly pulled over about 10 minutes from their destination and told them to exit the auto, claiming he had the "right to deny [them] service", according to Godbey.

'We designed Pickup Messages to encourage safe driving: your messages are read aloud, and drivers can simply tap to respond, ' he continued.

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