No Man's Sky NEXT trailer teases third-person perspective, multiplayer, visual overhaul

No Mans Sky NEXT Update Launches for Free Next Week

No Man’s Sky Next's first trailer shows the game is finally what you always hoped it would be

That's also the same date that the Xbox One version of the game drops.

The biggest inclusion is from an actual multiplayer component that will see friends team up and explore the galaxy together. You can engage in space battles, alien spaceship races and build colonies. Not that we'd recommend doing that of course, as you should totally use the time to aid others instead.

No Man's Sky is available now for PlayStation 4 and PC, and will launch for Xbox One alongside the "NEXT" update on July 24. You can get a glimpse of that, and more, in the newly released gameplay trailer below. And though Founder Sean Murray and his team at Hello Games have had a rocky start - the game was embroiled in controversy when the studio was accused of misleading advertising in 2016, but the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) deemed the ads weren't misleading - it seems No Man's Sky is getting ever closer to its original vision, with the help of a new upcoming update titled NEXT. The update also adds the ability to explore the game's many worlds in third-person, adding a greater incentive to customise your player character.

Build bases anywhere on any planet. Additionally, there's "also significantly more detail added to ships, NPCs and buildings".

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Building bases will no longer be restricted to specific spots and players will be able to own more than one of them.

The developer explains curious adventurers can now assemble and upgrade fleets of frigates, which can be commanded from the bridge of their freighter. Friends can also be brought on board to take on challenging multiplayer objectives via the Galactic Commission Station on your freighter's bridge. "We can't wait for people to play, and hopefully you can see from the trailer this is a very new experience".

In our review of the game, we gave it a 9/10, saying, "So No Man's Sky isn't flawless".

No Man's Sky is an epic science fiction adventure set across an infinite universe, in which every star is the light of a distant sun, orbited by planets filled with life - each yours to visit.

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