Microsoft Is Working On Android Smartphones; Could Be Launched Soon

Microsoft Is Working On Android Smartphones; Could Be Launched Soon

Tip: Add Your Chrome or Firefox Activity to Timeline

But, right now, not much information is available about the launch strategy of Microsoft regarding the Android-powered devices. Today appeared information about what the Windows 10 operating system will stop receiving updates.

Windows Timeline is part of Project Rome - Microsoft's vision of turning the cloud into a device agnostic OS. Past year it has surpassed 1 Million Downloads.

Maas announced last week he has developed an extension called "Windows Timeline Support" for Firefox.

After the release of Windows 10, the sales of the companies reduced so Microsoft planned to stop the production of the Lumia series in the year 2016.

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Further, it can be seen that Microsoft is actively leaving its footprints in the Android segment by releasing worthful features through regular updates. If you're using Bing Rewards with the Edge, you'll be pleased to know that Microsoft plans to fix the issue where the browser sometimes prevents users from receiving their rewards for using the search engine by default.

Continue browsing on another device quickly by "pushing" your current active tab to other devices sharing the same Microsoft Account. Thankfully, there's a way to get it to remember pages you've visited in Chrome or Firefox.

Timeline has largely remained limited to native apps like Microsoft Edge and Office.

Now that ability to have different devices share a web browsing history is available in the Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi, thanks to a new add-on by a third-party developer. A sign-in to your Microsoft account is necessary through the plug-in, though it's only a one-time affair.

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