New Uncharted Fan Film Features Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake

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Nathan Fillion just made his own Uncharted fan movie and it's almost perfect!

Drake's in a tight squeeze.

Filmmaker Allan Ungar just released an Uncharted fan film featuring Nathan Fillion as Nathan Drake.

Everyone's favorite Browncoat, Nathan Fillion, set gaming communities a-buzz last week with an Instagram post teasing the reveal of an unknown Uncharted project on July 16.

This film, which is explicitly billed as a fan production, sort of fulfills years of fans' clamoring for the actor to take on the role in some kind of movie. The short follows Drake after he has been kidnapped by a group of shady-looking individuals who believe that he stole a priceless artifact, which he denies. Stephen Lang brought the cigar-chomping Sully to life and Mircea Monroe provided an all too brief glimpse of Elena. Since the game series is famous for its non-interactive cut scenes, the ratio seems about right, though this may also boil down to Fillion not being quite up to Drake's unrealistic levels of stamina and strength. Fillion's was always a flawless patch for Nolan North's smart alec performance and this just shows how well he can pull the part off - by his own admission when he posted the film, this is something to "scratch this itch".

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When the Naughty Dog video game dropped back in 2007, the physical similarities between Fillion and Drake were pretty apparent.

We've seen plenty of people mock-up their own live-action adaptions of the action-adventure series, but never to a high enough quality, until now.

Fillion was equally as happy, explaining that a proper Uncharted film was something he had wanted to see - regardless of his own involvement for a "long time". Thank you, @allanungar, for letting us all scratch this itch. Thank you, @naughty_dog_inc, for creating such a wonderful archetype. Thank you fans, for your excellent taste. If that project moves forward, and the screenplay calls for a flash-forward with an older Nathan Drake, we'd hope that the filmmakers know exactly who to call.

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