Mob slaughters 300 crocodiles after one kills a man in Indonesia

The villagers invaded the crocodile farm after a local man was mauled to death

The villagers invaded the crocodile farm after a local man was mauled to deathSKYLA AFP Getty Images

Nearly 300 crocodiles were killed in Indonesia this weekend by a mob reportedly numbering in the hundreds, inflamed by the death of a villager at a sanctuary and breeding farm.

The reason the man entered the pond wasn't immediately clear, with some reports saying he was gathering vegetables while others suggested he may have entered to cut grass for his cattle. The 48-year-old victim "was bitten on the leg and then fatally struck by the tail of one of the crocodiles".

But Mr Manullang said one of the conditions of the licence was that the reptiles did not disturb the community.

Following his funeral, villagers orchestrated a staggering revenge slaughter. "The crocodiles were caught and dragged outside and stabbed to death".

"The crocodile slaughter violated the law on destroying others' property", he told The Jakarta Post. "It was so horrid to see".

Police said they were unable to stop the mob from carrying out the killings, despite dispatching 30 and 40 officers to the area.

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A mob, armed with knives, shovels and hammers, has slaughtered almost 300 crocodiles in retaliation for a man's death.

"For now we are still questioning the witnesses", district police chief Dewa Made Sidan Sutrahna said.

The mob reportedly first descended on the sanctuary's office after a local man was said to have been attacked and killed by a crocodile there Friday morning.

Authorities said they are investigating the attack and have not ruled out the possibility of pressing criminal charges.

In March authorities in on the Indonesian half of Borneo island shot and killed a six-metre long crocodile after it ate a local palm plantation worker.

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