All The Times Trump Royally Screwed Up During His UK Visit

U.S. first lady Melania Trump President Trump British Prime Minister Theresa May and her husband Philip May watch a live military performance ahead of a dinner in Oxfordshire U.K. on Thursday

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"Not go into negotiation, sue them".

President Donald Trump has given his United Kingdom counterpart Theresa May one piece of advice for her Brexit talks - sue the European Union, don't negotiate.

"Interestingly, what the president also said at that press conference was, 'Don't walk away". "I gave her a suggestion, not advice".

Asked by British journalist Piers Morgan in an interview given on Friday whether he was going to run in 2020, Trump was quoted as saying: 'Well I fully intend to.

In his interview with the Sun, Mr Trump said he would have handled Brexit talks "much differently", and added: "I actually told Theresa May how to do it but she didn't agree, she didn't listen to me".

Even though Theresa May's Brexit White Paper prompted a furious reaction from a large section of her Conservative party, not to mention a broadside from US President Donald Trump, not everyone was unhappy with it. "I said (to Mrs May) "make sure you have a carve out, you have to have a carve out" - where no matter what happens they have the right to make a deal with the U.S.".

The President was also savaged online after he appeared to cut off Her Majesty and then walk in front of her as the pair inspected the guards.

Mrs May urged Brexiteers in her own party to "keep their eye on the prize" of Brexit - and said her plan was the only workable way to deliver it.

Britain's Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who resigned this week leaves the Foreign Office on his way to Downing Street for a Cabinet meeting in London on Tuesday
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"I think it would've been great, but it's not too late for her to do that, necessarily".

May's authority has been weakened with the resignations of major figures Boris Johnson and David Davis and a series of lesser officials who disagree with her Brexit plan.

He added he cannot see a viable Democrat who could beat him, explaining: "I know many of them, I've seen them, I've dealt with them and so far they do not have the right candidate".

However, critics said May had caved in to pressure from Brexit supporters who want a complete break with Europe.

Mr Trump later apologised to Mrs May for the furore, blaming "fake news" and promising instead a bilateral trade agreement with Britain after it leaves the European Union in March 2019.

The U.S. president later apologized and sought to soften the blow, telling reporters at a joint news conference Friday that May is an "incredible woman" who is "doing a fantastic job" as prime minister. "The prize is leaving the European Union in a way that's in our national interests", adding that she would see off any leadership challenge as she's "in this for the long term".

Piers Morgan has defended his relationship with President Donald Trump and revealed why he refuses to smash the commander-in-chief "over the head with a hammer" ahead of tonight's controversial ITV documentary, Piers, The President and Air Force One.

May did not provide details of what sort of legal case the USA president had in mind, and it was not immediately clear what practical effects such an intervention would have during tense negotiations over Brexit.

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