May and Trump will have positive trade discussion: United Kingdom finance minister Hammond

GETTYMrs May was handed letters of resignation by her Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary

GETTYMrs May was handed letters of resignation by her Brexit Secretary and Foreign Secretary

"She's a total professional, because when I saw her this morning I said, 'I want to apologize, because I said such good things about you"'.

"I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the frightful things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in".

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May and U.S. President Donald Trump walk to a joint news conference at Chequers, the official country residence of the Prime Minister, near Aylesbury, Britain, July 13, 2018.

But Trump was actually at the opening of Turnberry the day after the Brexit vote occurred, meaning his "prediction" came after the fact.

The Brexit White Paper, which was greeted with some chaotic scenes in the House of Commons today, has been described as the most important document to emerge since the Brexit referendum in June 2016.

But the plan has infuriated fervent Brexit supporters, who think it would limit Britain's ability to strike new trade deals around the world.

He suggested this was not what voters wanted, said he had advised May to take another path and added that Boris Johnson, who quit as foreign minister over the plan, would make "a great prime minister".

He said: "My constituency is a very big Leave constituency, I've had a very small number of emails making a comment about this deal".

Daniel Dale, a journalist with the Toronto Star who collates instances of the President not telling the truth, said it was the fifth time Trump lied about predicting Brexit.

Trump refuses to answer CNN reporter's question
Trump looked back over his shoulder and gave Acosta the shortest sound bite in presidential history. Watch Trump's response about May below, and listen to the "fake news" audio here.

The lack of divergence on rules in the farming sector is one of the main concerns of Tory MPs opposed to May's plan, and they will see Trump's statement as proof that the Brexit plan will indeed thwart a trade deal.

"The United States looks forward to finalizing a great bilateral trade deal" with the U.K., Trump said.

"This President likes the interpersonal connection with people".

Newly appointed Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab said the plans called for an "innovative and unprecedented economic partnership" between Britain and the EU.

While accepting that financial services will take a hit after Brexit and not enjoy the same levels of market access as now, the White Paper points out that Britain will reserve the right to diverge from European Union financial regulation after Brexit while still observing global worldwide standards. Friday, the two held more talks on more issues.

The UK will maintain a "common rulebook" for all goods traded with the European Union, including agricultural products. Such a resolution would avoid disruption to automakers and other manufacturers that source parts from multiple countries.

Speaking in Westport, Co Mayo, he said: "It's not that we think that's a likely scenario ... but we think it's prudent that every member state should plan for the worst".

It also says Britain wants to participate in EU agencies that authorise goods: the European Chemicals Agency, the European Aviation Safety Agency and the European Medicines Agency. There would also be "reciprocal" arrangements in regards to benefits and social security.

Pro-EU lawmakers, in contrast, think the proposed post-Brexit ties with the bloc are not close enough.

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