HTC plans blockchain phone release in Q3

We still don't know the specs though

We still don't know the specs

CryptoKitties Users can exchange digital images for real digital money. All the collected "cats" with their breeds belong to the individual owners and can not be copied by other users.

The program became so common in December 2017 it blocked the Ethereum platform. The game also gave a start to the series of same concept ventures including CryptoPets and CryptoPuppies. Chief Crypto Officer Phil Chen and his team have set themselves high goals.

Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC is partnering with the popular blockchain title CryptoKitties ahead of the launch of its blockchain smartphone "Exodus", TechCrunch reported.

While HTC says The Exodus will have a "cold storage wallet", The Block was more interested in the company's focus on facilitating the distribution of dapps (decentralised applications), which it rationally believes, will find their place on mobile. These features being a far cry from the ambitious plans HTC held preceding this announcement.

"CryptoKitties is a game centered on breakable, collectible, and oh-so-adorable creatures we call CryptoKitties!"

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Though all can not be said to be well in the cryptocurrency market, prices are low, last month Bitcoin was tied in price manipulation, and the effect was a massive reduction in purchases and affected its stability.

HTC, a Taiwan-based electronics hardware manufacturer, announced their Exodus phone earlier this year. This situation was attributed to the low turnout of buyers for the company's U12+ Flagship, the sales were regarded as a massive flop, despite its highly rated camera device.

If HTC is looking for the next mainstream play to right the ship, this is emphatically not it. HTC recently a large chunk of employees, which also explains about the current situation of the company. Sales in June were down 68 percent, according to the company's revenue record.

According, to the website we could say that from internal to External everything will be created to developed by HTC and at this point, it clearly seems the Phone would not be powering up with the most famous OS Android but with a different OS specifically created to accompany the ideas of Blockchain.

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