Ontario Tories promises to fund health-care, expand beer and wine sales

Area MPP leading Tory rollback of Ontario sex-ed curriculum

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The throne speech recommits the Ford government to its key election promises, including reducing gas prices and hydro bills. In its rare summer sitting, Queen's Park will move back-to-work legislation to end a strike that has been continuing at York University since March.

"In a time of global turmoil and change, maintaining and strengthening the bond between the people and their public representatives must always be top of mind for us all".

The latest casualty of the decision to cancel cap and trade is the Electric and Hydrogen Vehicle Incentive Program.

Smith says the Tories will also cancel the White Pines Wind Project in Eastern Ontario which received notice to proceed during the election period. A local group is opposed to the turbines and warns that they will harm the rural character of the region.

"You can count on your government to respect the men and women of Ontairo's Police Services by freeing them from onerous restrictions that treat those in uniform as suspects of suspicion and scorn", the speech says.

Trump says committed to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as allies agree to boost defense spending
He urged allies on Wednesday to double their defense spending targets to 4 percent of GDP. Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte also disputed Trump's claim at a news conference .

"These three priorities send a clear, serious message about what you can expect from a Doug Ford PC government", he said.

A release from the government says applications will be accepted from dealerships, auto owners and prospective auto owners so long as the vehicle has been delivered, registered and plated by July 11. "That's last century. I think it's an insult to students today that are growing up in a world that's completely different". "You can clearly see that Doug Ford in the earlier days of his premiership has gotten down to business".

Todd Smith, the new government's House Leader, said the Tories will eventually keep all their campaign pledges, but not in the quick turnaround promised for some. "It's inflammatory to things that aren't in the curriculum", he said. "That's consistent with an approach that's closed, that isn't open to the public, isn't open to the people". The throne speech warned that any carbon taxation by the federal government would be considered "oppressive taxes" and met with great resistance.

"He shouldn't be ending cap and trade", he said. "It's a signal that he not only doesn't care about climate change, but he doesn't care about investing in Ontario, dealing our energy needs and dealing with the needs in our schools".

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