Kremlin rejects Trump's description of Germany as Russian 'captive'

Donald Trump saying Germany is totally controlled by Russia because they will be getting from 60 to 70% of their energy from Russia and a new pipeline

Firms invested in Russian pipeline project are at the risk of sanctions, warns US

Trump made the comments at a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit in Brussels on Wednesday, telling Germany it was wrong to support an $11-billion Baltic Sea pipeline to import even more Russian gas while being slow to meet targets for North Atlantic Treaty Organisation spending.

Russian opposition politician Konstantin Borovoi says the European Union states could block the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline if they accept Washington's radical stance.

The United States, for a number of geopolitical reasons, is vehemently objecting to the construction of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline. Just on Wednesday, Trump called Berlin "a captive of Russia" for participating in the project. "How can you be working for peace and working from strength when somebody has that kind of power over you", the USA president said.

In recent years, advances in extraction technology have made the United States one of the leading producers of natural gas, a fossil fuel but one that is relatively clean and efficient. We're supposed to be guarding against Russian Federation and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russian Federation. And the former Chancellor of Germany is the head of the pipeline company that's supplying the gas. "In theory, if you tried to imagine a scenario where all the imports from the Netherlands stopped altogether, and there was only Norway and Russian Federation left as sources of gas, then it's possible that Russian Federation basically increases its share up to 60-70%".

Putin sees Trump as "counterpart" at upcoming talks
After his comments overnight about his British government hosts, you wouldn't think Donald Trump would be the one to take offence. Trump as a baby and they've already declared victory by noting that the President is largely avoiding London during his visit.

Perry said that new LNG expert terminals are coming on line in the eastern United States and that U.S. and European scientists and engineers are working togther to improve supply.

European Commission vice-president and head of the bloc's energy team, Maros Sefkovic, acknowledged that US LNG could in time be a "game-changer". "I'm pretty sure that Germany will, to some degree, try to diversify its sources of supply so that Russian gas will not account for more than 40% or so of its imports", Kokin said. It would run 1,200 km, mostly under the Baltic Sea along the existing Nord Stream pipeline.

Trump is set to meet his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin for their first ever summit in Helsinki on July 16 though Moscow said the former's remarks were unlikely to affect what was always going to be a hard summit between two countries known to have several differences, the Reuters report added.

"The president. thinks Nord Stream 2 is not in the EU's best interest and my bet is he'll be more than happy to tell President Putin that, straight to his face", he said.

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