Instagram's Questions Sticker Lets Story-Watchers Ask You Anything

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Instagram Stories getting more interactive with new ‘Question Sticker’ conversation starters

Highlights include its new Lite and IGTV apps, though there are several Instagram app tweaks sprinkled all throughout.

The new feature is a strong step towards increasing engagement in Instagram stories, and lets users add a question to their stories, to which their followers can respond directly through the sticker itself. How will you be using the new Questions sticker?

Announced in a blog post, Instagram shared that the question sticker expands on the existing polling sticker and emoji slider to "get closer with all of your friends on Instagram".

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Like other stickers in the app, it can be dragged right onto a photo or video and placed wherever you'd like. The new questions sticker offers a bit more room for users to ask open-ended questions that have more than two answer options and it allows their followers to come up with their own unique responses as well. Type in what you want to say to your followers like "I'm stuck in traffic, ask me anything about fashion and beauty".

Those watching the story can then type their questions into a text box in the sticker; questions asked by followers can be found in the bottom left hand corner where viewers can see who has viewed their story.

The new feature is going to start rolling out Tuesday for iOS and Android users who have Instagram 52 or higher. When you check your own story, you will now be able to see who asked you a question and what they said. If you share a follower's response in a new story, their photo and user name won't be visible.

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