Canada extends leadership of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation battlegroup in Latvia for four years

Trudeau Defies Trump at NATO Meet, Cuts Military Spend

Canada To Lead NATO Training Mission In Iraq

Relations between President Trump and Prime Minister Trudeau continue to grow sour with Trump now claiming that Trudeau's stance on trade discussions was a "mistake" that would cost Canada "a lot of money".

"Our first - and really our only consideration - was what served the Canadian national interest, what served Canadians, what was appropriate to do for Canada given our role in the world and the very great interest we, as Canadians, have in a functioning, rules-based global order", Freeland said. He wrote Trudeau ahead of the summit expressing "growing frustration" with the fact the two per cent target is still not being met by the majority of alliance nations.

Among the achievements of Wednesday's session are the approval of a new mission in Iraq to help train troops, as well to provide more support to countries such as Jordan and Tunisia, where Spain has offered to lead the training mission.

But Trudeau appeared to be far from Trump's orbit during the traditional gathering of leaders for the NATO family photo op and ceremony, standing quietly to the side as Trump chatted with Britain's Theresa May, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

In a statement reported by the CBC, Le Bouthillier said, "Canada continues to place a premium on tangible operational contributions as well as on demonstrating a commitment and capacity to deploy and sustain personnel in support of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation alliance".

He said European countries were "adding billions" to their defence budgets after years of cuts, and last year saw the biggest increase in defence spending since the end of the Cold War. With all, Trump believes the getting "ripped off" in an unfair marketplace.

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The hospital says in a statement that "while this is welcome news, clearly we are not out of the woods yet . Charlie [Rowley] is still very unwell and will continue to require specialist, round-the-clock care".

Iraq army recruits, pictured training in Baghdad, will benefit from a small increase in Australian involvement aimed at deterring Islamic State.

The mission's activities have since been curtailed, and in some cases suspended, as a result of ISIL's defeat and ongoing fighting between some of the different Iraqi factions that Canada and its allies had been supporting.

Meanwhile, concerns remain over mounting Russian aggression in the Baltics, which has led to calls for Canada to commit to maintaining its presence in the Latvian deployment. Canada is stepping up. "And I'm absolutely certain that this summit will show that we are able to deliver on security, on defence despite the disagreements we see on trade and other issues".

"That's the reason why they agreed to invest more in defence back in 2014", Stoltenberg said.

According to the CBC, Canada will spend 1.23 percent of its GDP on defense in 2018, down from 1.36 percent a year ago.

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