Thailand cave rescue: Brit divers who found boys 'deserve George Cross'

Make the most of your lives, rescued Thai cave boys told

With V-for-Victory sign, rescued Thai boys celebrate freedom

Details also emerged about the rescue, with the boys sedated and passed on stretchers along the twisting, narrow passageways, and tributes flowed for the worldwide team of rescuers who never gave up in the quest to save the team.

A huge global operation rescued the stricken children, who became trapped in a flooded six-mile cave in the Doi Nang Non range on June 25, along with their 25-year-old coach, Ekaphol Chanatwong. The footage also depicts one of the boys flashing a victory sign and their parents crying and waving at the children from behind a glass partition.

The group had entered the sprawling Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand to go exploring after soccer practice on June 23 when monsoon rains filled the tight passageways, blocking their escape.

"And we're here witnessing the events, gathering some contacts and everything, to really tell a story about an worldwide effort, the entire world coming together to save (12) kids trapped in this Thai cave".

Thailand is to give full citizenship to three of the rescued boys and their football coach, whose position as refugees has left them stateless.

But while they are out of the cave, and doing just fine - considering what has transpired - the "Wild Boars" football team members and their coach have a way to go yet before their lives return to a semblance of normality.

"Some of them were asleep, some of them were wiggling their fingers".

Meanwhile, reports say the boys and the coach were sedated to stop them panicking during the unsafe rescue.

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To get through flooded areas, the children were strapped to a rescue diver and guided through.

Thailand's junta chief told reporters on Tuesday that the group had been given a "minor tranquiliser" to help calm their nerves.

"Early this morning Harry's father passed away here in Adelaide. after they'd all come out of the cave", said Andrew Pearce, of the MedSTAR rescue service.

Then, with the final divers slowly exiting the cave on Tuesday, the pumps suddenly failed pushing the water level up towards head height in a previously wadeable section of the cave.

Mr Turnbull posted a video of their conversation, where he thanks them for their "extraordinary work" and says they have done Australia proud.

That left 20 or so divers scrambling to flee the rising waters, he said, explaining they narrowly made it out time.

Doctors have said all 12 boys and their coach are in a "good condition" but remain on bed rest.

Doctors treating the 12 boys and their coach who survived their misadventure said their health is normal, although a few have low fevers and mild ear infections.

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