King Cites Concerns About Kavanaugh Nomination

5 faith facts on Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavanaugh — He’s Catholic conservative and has opined on abortion and birth control

Hero or villain? Trump's court pick is in for a fight

Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn., worries about the impact on the special counsel investigation. Rob Portman (R-OH), not in picture, at his office in the Russell Senate Office Building in Washington, U.S., July 11, 2018. And that may be the problem.

- Ever since declaring that handgun bans violate the Second Amendment a decade ago, the Supreme Court has refused to say which other gun control laws are constitutional and which aren't.

They're energized, outraged and ready to fight. They warn that Kavanaugh could be part of majority decisions rolling back women's access to abortion and undoing aspects of the Affordable Care Act.

There has been no one with experience in elected office since O'Connor, who had been a state senator and judge in Arizona.

Right now, Democrats enjoy a significant enthusiasm advantage in the midterm elections.

Kennedy broke some of the court's most monumental liberal-conservative ties, the most recent of which included decisions on the president's travel ban, labor unions and anti-abortion pregnancy centers. "That's what it comes down too", said Jipping.

"There's a potential here for things to get really snarled", he said, adding he believes the Senate should hold off on a confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh until all the documents are reviewed.

Democrats hope to model their opposition on their successful effort fending off a repeal of the Affordable Care Act a year ago, despite a Republican majority in Congress. But that fight featured a simple, clear argument - save the ACA - and the clear risk that millions of Americans could lose their health care.

The political impact of the court debate is messier. Democrats, who at this point are looking for any and all opportunities to extend the process as they attempt to rally a significant grassroots burst of opposition to the pick, certainly would be pleased by that development.

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Jon Tester is another Democratic incumbent senator running in a red state.

Senators Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota, and West Virginia's Joe Manchin will no doubt face massive pressure from their own party to toe the line and vote no. Nixon nominee Harry Blackmun authored the truly execrable opinion in Roe v. Wade; Chief Justice John Roberts, nominated by George W. Bush, cast the deciding vote to save Obamacare.

"Because of Donald Trump's openly Islamophobic, white supremacist and racist views and policies targeting minority and immigrant communities, it is incumbent upon the Senate to question Mr Kavanaugh about his opinions on the protection of civil rights, religious freedom and the rights of immigrants", he said. He is prepared, it seems, to vote to confirm Kavanaugh if the judge's rulings and writings are no more extreme than Gorsuch's. "I would follow Roe v. Wade faithfully and fully" because it's "binding precedent" that has been "reaffirmed many times".

Republicans are pushing back, accusing Democrats of distorting the judge's words. The memo, first reported by Politico, concluded it was virtually impossible for Kavanaugh to be unaware of Kozinski's behavior, although the memo cited no evidence that he did.

Both sides are acutely aware of those gender dynamics.

"I don't think my role is to rubber stamp for the President, but it's also not an automatic knee-jerk no, either", Jones told CNN's Dana Bash on "State of the Union", before Kavanaugh's nomination. Even as the Late Show host bemoaned the announcement of Republican judge Brett Kavanaugh, Colbert is still a victor. Sure, depending how the confirmation process develops, it's possible the nomination could affect a handful of races, but the most likely scenario will not change the overall trajectory of the November elections.

"Any messaging is fine for now". "I have no doubt he is going to be a great justice", he said. "When we know that he's obsessed with this investigation?"

Lisa Lerer has covered national politics for The Associated Press for four years.

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