‘I think they like me a lot in the UK’

Stay out of sight

Stay out of sight

LONDONPresident Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump touch down in London on Thursday for a working visit, and while his meeting schedule will keep him nearly exclusively outside of the capital, she will be spending some time in town.

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"It gives off the hint that this is an attempt to drive a wedge between the United States and UK, at a time the UK is leaving the European Union, it's forcing the UK back to closer ties with the European Union because they'll be pushed away from the USA", he said.

Protests are also planned in Scotland when he travels to play golf at his Trump Turnberry course.

Due to the thousands of people due to protest against him in London, Trump is largely avoiding the capital other than a quick stop at the USA embassy.

Permission has already been granted for the 20ft balloon caricature to be flown over central London on Friday as Donald Trump visits the UK.

Trump has been quick to criticize British society, telling a National Rifle Association convention in May that the British didn't have guns but had so much knife crime that one hospital was like a military war zone with its floors awash with blood, a false statement quickly rebutted by British physicians and politicians.

One such protest will entail a 19-foot-high orange balloon shaped like Trump as a baby, which London Mayor Sadiq Khan - who's feuded with the president - approved under "the right to peaceful protest".

During a press conference before departing the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation summit for the U.K., Trump was asked how he feels about the planned protests.

"We need to show the world what millions of people in this country think of the bigotry and the hatred that he represents", Owen Jones, a Guardian columnist who helped organize the anti-Trump demonstrations, told TIME on Monday.

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It has vowed to gather near the U.S. ambassador's residence in London, where Trump and First Lady Melania Trump will stay Thursday night, and outside Blenheim Palace, wartime leader Winston Churchill's birthplace, which hosts the pair for dinner prior.

On the same day, protests against his visit have been planned outside US Ambassador's residence in Regent's Park where President Trump is reported to be staying overnight.

Awaiting him on the tarmac were three MV-22 Osprey helicopters belonging to the US Marines which are used to transport his staff and security detail on overseas trips.

"We in this country, and I hope I do not regret saying this, are very good at this sort of thing".

Bilateral talks with United Kingdom prime minister Theresa May will happen at her country home in Chequers, and not at the prime minister's London residence, at 10 Downing Street, as is traditional.

"There will be no alliance more important in the years ahead", she said.

These will focus on relations with Russian Federation, trade, Brexit and the Middle East.

Later in the evening the President will head to Scotland for the weekend.

Later that day, she will rejoin the President at Windsor Castle where they will meet the Queen and have tea with her.

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