Houston model bitten by shark while swimming in the Bahamas

Image Instagram  Katarina Zarutskie

Image Instagram  Katarina Zarutskie

But while Zarutskie was floating in the water, one of them latched on to her arm and dragged her under.

"They are wild animals, and it's an uncontrollable situation", she said. "[The doctors] now believe that I still have pieces of the shark teeth in my arm and I will forever have a scar", she said, slightly concerned for her modeling career.

Nurse sharks are commonly thought to be harmless to humans, but they will bite defensively if they are bothered by divers.

"I've been on so many different medications", she told WSVN-Ch.

But while posing for the pictures a shark bit into the model's wrist and held her underwater for several seconds.

She told WPLG-Ch. 10 that doctors told her that she still has shark teeth fragments in her arm.

Since the incident emerged the model has received a barrage of criticism from online trolls. Katarina posted them to social media, where she's been overwhelmed with comments asking for details. She added the locals were "very encouraging" in telling her to try the activity.

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"I would recommend people to do it, but be smart about it".

The University of Miami nursing student was in Staniel Cay, an island in The Bahamas when she entered the marina to swim with a load of nurse sharks.

"But it's the internet right?"

This might just be me, but having your photo taken fuckin' sucks.

She does not want the experience or photographs to put off others from visiting the area or interacting with local wildlife when overseas, and describes the Exumas as the "most handsome place" she has ever visited.

"You really need to respect them" she explained, but warned future shark swimmers to "take into consideration the risks" before jumping in the water with them. The views expressed therein are not necessarily those of stlucianewsonline.com, its sponsors or advertisers.

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