Woman on oxygen machine dies after power company cuts off electricity

Ailing Woman On Oxygen Tank Dies When Electric Company Cuts Off Power In Her Home

Grandmother on oxygen dies after PSE&G cuts off her power, grieving family says

A family is dealing with the tragic death of their matriarch after electricity was cut off in her New Jersey home over an overdue bill.

Daniels' oxygen tank was powered by electricity and she succumbed to her condition seven hours after power was cut off to her home, CNN reported. "It was unbearable", she said. Her nurses sent the company another letter in April, when Daniels started using an oxygen tank, she said.

"She was scared, and she was holding our hands tightly", said Desiree Washington, Daniels' daughter. We were fanning her. Paramedics did come with a portable unit - the entire time, the family called PSEG pleading to turn the power back on.

"She was trying to catch her breath - she was gasping for air", Daniels's granddaughter told NJ.com. Power was eventually returned to the home Friday.

Washington said $500 was paid to the company two days before, and her family had notified the company of her mother's medical issues. Her family said she was in good spirits but relied on her oxygen tank to breathe. "We asked them, 'Why are you turning off her electric at the pole?'"

"I think my mom would have probably still been still alive today if the electric didn't get cut off", he said. "One rep told me to stop calling, that there were too many tickets in the system", said Desiree, "PSEG said, 'Oh, we're on our way, ' kept telling us that, but no one showed up".

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Her daughter Desiree said energy provider PSEG shut off her mother's service because she had fallen behind on payments.

A source involved in the rescue mission who saw two of the four boys walk out of the cave told Reuters that they looked exhausted but healthy, adding that one even looked "vivacious and fresh". PSEG says they cut off power because of a lack of payments over several months and that they made repeated efforts to contact Daniels.

Namiotka said the family had not notified the utility company about medical issues until after the service had been disconnected. It's so sad she had to go like that.

As Newark Police investigate the matter, Desiree said she may sue, but for now she's focused on funeral preparations and she and her family begin the process of saying goodbye to their beloved mother on Wednesday.

"I don't want it to happen to any other family in this community because it's nothing but seniors in this community".

"The minimum at least 300 dollars every month all the prior month was 300 dollars last month was 400 dollars this month".

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