Things To Know About The New EPA Chief

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She said EPA took into consideration "public comments received as well as engagement with stakeholders" before determining that "additional evaluation of a number of matters is required before it can take final action on one or more aspects of the [repeal] proposal".

In November 2017, the agency proposed to repeal certain emissions requirements for gliders.

Republicans who secretly wished for an opening at the top of the Environmental Protection Agency got it last week, when ethically challenged EPA Administrator Scott "Security Detail" Pruitt tendered his resignation. First, EPA is considering an extension of the compliance date, which would set a new effective date of December 31, 2019.

These "glider trucks" use recycled engines built before new technology reduced the discharge of harmful particulates that pollute the air.

The Nebraska Sierra Club is among the environmental groups that welcomed the resignation.

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"I'm glad to see Pruitt go", Jepsen said.

David Corbin, chairman of the organization's Nebraska chapter, said regulations meant to protect the environment, such as the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, were damaged under Pruitt's time at the EPA.

Pruitt had championed the rollback, claiming that the EPA did not have the legal authority to force companies like Fitzgerald to significantly reduce production of glider trucks. In 2018, those manufacturers were limited to no more than 300 gliders. But in an opinion piece written in April, Tommy Fitzgerald Sr., its chief executive, praised Pruitt and blamed industry competitors, like Volvo, that sell new trucks for the now-delayed regulatory effort.

However, it should be noted that, per The Washington Post, a September 11 letter to then-EPA chief Pruitt urged him not to revisit the rule, contending that glider kits "should not be used for circumventing purchase of now certified powertrains".

"The new truck industry conspired with the Obama EPA to try to put us out of business", he wrote, adding, "Our goose was cooked until President Trump and Pruitt came to town".

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