Netflix launches Smart Downloads

Never stop binging

Never stop binging

Now they've just launched Smart Downloads which means that when you finish watching a downloaded episode, Smart Downloads will delete it and then automatically download the next episode. The show, starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte, has all of its eight episodes now available to watch on the Netflix platform all over the world. It will hit Android smartphones and tablets first, and iOS devices later.

It's worth noting here that smart downloads will only work on a Wi-Fi connection, and if you don't want Netflix tampering with your downloads, you'll need to toggle the feature off in the My Downloads section - yes, it's turned on by default. When they're through, they'll delete the episodes to make space on their devices and download a few more.

Essentially, Netflix subscribers will now have increased control over their entertainment experience and the Smart Downloads feature is entirely optional to use. But obviously, you must stop by a WiFi hotspot in order to make everything happen.

The basic Netflix plan starts at $7.99 which allows you to stream content in standard definition on one display.

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Now Playing: Watch this: Netflix "smart downloads" manage your offline episodes. The company has been fine-tuning its user interface to improve the process of discovering new shows, adding a "coming soon" feature to Android devices.

Netflix says the feature is mostly aimed at public transit commuters who may have limited or poor network coverage during their journey.

"Even though we have a great personalization system, we don't know what's the next movie you're going to want to watch", he said.

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