Boris Johnson quits as UK's May faces mounting Brexit crisis

Theresa May and David Davis

Image Mr Davis has left Mrs May to find a new lead negotiator in the Brexit saga

As the threat of a leadership contest looms for Theresa May following the sudden resignation of Brexit Secretary David Davis, political commentators and MPs have reacted differently to the new blow to the Tory government.

Mrs May told MPs that the plan agreed by the cabinet at Chequers was the basis of a "responsible and credible" offer to restart renegotiations with the EU.

Defence Minister Guto Bebb told BBC Radio Cymru he did not think there would be a leadership challenge soon.

"In his resignation letter, Davis said the "'common rule book policy hands control of large swathes of our economy to the European Union and is certainly not returning control of our laws in any real sense".

The Conservative MP for Aberconwy has been highly critical of Brexit-supporting Conservatives in recent weeks.

Under Conservative Party rules, a confidence vote in a leader can be triggered if 48 Conservative lawmakers write a letter requesting one.

Cabinet ministers rallied round Theresa May at today's cabinet meeting as Brexiteers said they were plotting a "guerrilla" campaign to force her to abandon her Brexit compromise.

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J.K. Rowling, who has been known to make her feelings about Brexit pretty clear in the past, waded in on Monday.

On Friday, her cabinet ostensibly agreed to pursue a close post-Brexit trading relationship with the EU.

But as Foreign Secretary in May's government, he was prone to gaffes and criticized for not being on top of his brief.

"How can anyone have faith in the prime minister getting a good deal with 27 European Union governments when she can't even broker a deal within her own Cabinet?" he asked.

"It's a rolling crisis". On Monday, her office attempted to woo opposition Labour Party lawmakers, a move that outraged dissident Conservatives, who are prepared to vote to block her plan if it comes to the House of Commons unchanged later in the year.

The British Pound has rallied after tumbling Monday on news of the resignations of two senior United Kingdom government ministers over Brexit, and that bounce could well continue as the chances of a leadership challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May diminish.

But he added that it was still "off beam in terms of what we actually need, which is the clarity and certainty of the European Economic Area Agreement". They are ones that want to see a "hard Brexit"-Britain crashing out of the EU's single market so long as it can control its borders".

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