Warframe Announced for Nintendo Switch

Warframe Announced for Nintendo Switch

Warframe Switch Announced at TennoCon; Developed by DOOM & Wolfenstein II Switch Dev Panic Button

Digital Extremes' Warframe has had a great run so far on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, with over 38 million registered players.

A few days after E3 finished, Panic Button, the studio that helped bring Doom, Rocket League and most recently Wolfenstein 2 to Switch, teased that another game would soon becoming to the platform and overnight at TennoCon 2018, it was announced that Warframe was that game.

Free-to-play games still have a questionable reputation amongst some players, but Warframe is one game that everyone praises for its fairness and its vast amount of content. The plot is centered around members of the Tenno, a race of ancient warriors who were kept in a deep cryogenic slumber for centuries. Warframe is also known for it flexible mod system, the ability to join clans, and massive open worlds.

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Digital Extremes and Panic Button didn't announce any release date or window for when the port will arrive, but the fact that it's already playable is pretty promising.

As a reminder, Panic Button has been responsible for a number of Nintendo Switch ports. The game is now without a release date or even window, but when we know, you will know. If you're planning to play the free-to-play game on Nintendo's latest console, you may want to hold off on starting an account for the time being.

Filip Miucin is IGN's Nintendo Editor.

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