Starbucks to eliminate plastic straws by 2020

A patron holds an iced beverage at a Starbucks coffee store in Pasadena

A patron holds an iced beverage at a Starbucks coffee store in Pasadena California

The food and beverage retailer said Monday that it would switch to a strawless lid or alternative-material straw in place of plastic straws.

The company is the latest to announce a ban on the straws as global awareness of ocean pollution and harm to marine life increases.

While straws have become a high-profile issue, they make up only about 4% of the plastic trash by number of pieces, and far less by weight.

The company will broaden the manufacture and use of what some in social media have dubbed the "adult sippy cup".

The company said in a release that paper or compostable straws will be available for customers upon request, and will be served with their Frappuccino blended drinks.

Starbucks will begin offering "strawless lids" on iced coffee, tea and espresso drinks.

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In a statement, CEO Kevin Johnson called the move away from plastic straws a "significant milestone" in the company's sustainability efforts.

Starbucks will start rolling out strawless lids for all drinks in the fall.

McDonald's also said last month that it would replace plastic straws with paper ones in the United Kingdom and Ireland from September. The transition will be complete in 2019, the company said.

Say goodbye to plastic straws at Starbucks.

It comes a week after Starbucks's USA hometown of Seattle banned single-use plastic straws and utensils at businesses that sell food or drinks in the city. Oakland and Berkeley, California, and other cities have also banned the use of disposable straws. Straws add up to about 2,000 tons of the almost 9 million tons of plastic waste that ends up in waters around the globe each year. Phased rollouts within the USA and Canada will then follow.

Starbucks - which has more than 28,000 stores and generated $22.4 billion in annual revenue a year ago - is the largest retailer to commit to eliminating single-use plastic straws.

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