`Drunk´ seagulls have been confusing the RSPCA in Somerset

Firefighters were called to one gull behaving erratically on a roof before falling off in Lyme Regis Dorset

Drunk seagulls taken to RSPCA centres after 'drinking discarded alcohol on beach'

All the boozed-up birds were taken to a centre at West Hatch near Taunton, Somerset.

Animal rescue groups in the United Kingdom have reported that they have seen a high number of cases of drunk seagulls in recent weeks.

David Cooper - who is a vet at the animal welfare charity - said the seagulls appeared "disoriented" and "confused".

Inspector Jo Daniels said: "We think they're gaining access to some brewing waste products somewhere".

The animal charity has had more than a dozen calls regarding the birds, and has surmised the birds are probably accessing waste from a local brewery or alcohol producer.

Several birds who reportedly stunk of alcohol have been brought into multiple RSPCA centers for treatment and were released after a few days of care.

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"This year there has been a spate of cases with birds from east Devon, Dorset and Somerset".

The charity described the effect on the birds as similar to how a human would react to excessive alcohol. The RSPCA is now contacting the local distilleries, breweries and other alcohol producers to ask them to ensure their alcohol-laced waste is placed in a secure place, out of reach of birds or wildlife.

Although some birds have succumbed to the alcohol poisoning the RSPCA say numerous birds have been successfully rescued and released back into the wild following their ordeal.

"At first, the birds look like they have botulism (an illness caused by bacteria) but then, after vomiting, most seem to recover".

It is also thought possible that the gulls have scoffed grain by-products from a brewery in the area.

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