Woman goes viral after playing matchmaker on plane

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Couple meets in plane, shares love story on Twitter

But that's exactly what happened to Texas actress Rosey Blair, who made a decision to document a love story on Twitter this week.

On their flight home to Dallas, Texas, all Rosey Blair and her boyfriend, Houston Hardaway, wanted to do was sit together. She met Holden, who played at UNM in 2008-09 after transferring from CT, and established a rapport - to say the least - that Blair, with 62,000 Twitter followers, documented with photos taken by her cell phone.

The Internet wasted no time in nicknaming the guy "plane bae", and he was later identified as a former Major-league soccer player, Euan Holden.

"We mad a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread".

"We couldn't have picked a better romantic duo".

When Blair landed, she uploaded everything onto a Twitter thread.it went viral, going so far as catching the attention of Monica Lewinsky.

Airplane 'love story' takes off on Twitter with Dallas residents
It all started with a tweet that read, "My boyfriend and I asked a woman to switch seats with me so we could sit together". The posts quickly gained a lot of attention and people were captivated by this mid-air love story.

Both of them appeared to be single, according to Blair, who wrote that there were "no wedding rings in sight", giving her and her own boyfriend hope for a potential match.

WHEN a woman asked a fellow plane passenger if they could switch seats so she could sit next to her boyfriend, she had no idea it would set in motion a modern day love story that could warm even the coldest of hearts.

Ms Blair promised that she would follow the couple's story "all the way to baggage claim" and she did, later sharing a photo of the pair walking away from the area together. "I recognize you. This has to be you, '" he said.

Blair said she even bought Wi-Fi in order to keep people informed of the blossoming romance.

There is no update on whether Holden and the unidentified woman are still talking or have plans to see one another again.

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