Apple Reportedly Dumps Intel's Upcoming 5G Modem for 2020 iPhone

Intel 5G Modem

Intel puts new 5G modem on hold after Apple snub

Intel hasn't given up hope, and it wants to improve Sunny Peak modems for the 2022 iPhones, the report said. According to CTech, Apple informed Intel that the chipset it is now working on, "Sunny Peak", will no longer be needed. Its upcoming Sunny Peak chip was designed specifically with a future iPhone in mind, but after being snubbed by Apple, the company has halted its development. Neither Intel nor Apple confirmed this report to CTech, although an Intel spokesperson did send a comment to Business Insider (emphasis is from Intel), saying, "Intel's 5G customer engagements and roadmap have not changed for 2018 through 2020". According to the leak, Intel believes Apple's decision not to use Sunny Peak was a result of "many factors". At least not for iPhones with 5G. By 2020 - the year most tech analysts expect a 5G iPhone - Intel might not have modems in any iPhones.

Intel had hoped to secure a partnership with Apple to supply "Sunny Peak" chips for its 2020 iPhone lineup, but according to internal communications and "people familiar with the matter", Apple has chose to shop elsewhere.

Apple is reportedly developing its own modems (because of course it is) and exploring the possibility of using wireless chips made by MediaTek.

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It's not a bad thing if Intel were to exit making "baseband" modem chips altogether, he writes, and perhaps the recent departure of Brian Krzanich from the top spot will produce a new leader with "a better ear for our call to exit" that business.

The new chip, the XMM 7560, is the first Intel modem chip that could hit 1 gigabit speeds, necessary for 5G. "Intel expected Apple to be the "main volume driver" for the product, they said". His report titled "Intel's development of 5G is at risk in Apple-Qualcomm lawsuit", was published on MarketWatch last Friday, days ahead of the news/rumor from Israel.

The third possibility for not wanting the hardware could be that Apple is planning to make its own hardware.

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