Huawei Amps Up New Honor RAM To 8GB

The Honor 9 Lite is shown in this

The Honor 9 Lite is shown in this

Honor 10 GT coming to China on July 24.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed.

A month after launching the Honor 10 flagship smartphone in China, the company made the global announcement in May this year. Those looking for more improvements to the handset will be disappointed, as everything else seems to be the same as the original Honor 10. This is good news, but it can also cause a little "options paralysis".

The Honor 10 GT has just launched in China with 8GB RAM and the GPU Turbo software pre-installed, a phone which we may soon see in Europe under the Honor 10 Play moniker if the rumors are correct. Also, in terms of the camera setup, a main 16-megapixel sensor is accompanied by a secondary 24-megapixel lens on the rear, while in the selfie department, yet another 24-megapixel camera is present.

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Huawei claimed that its latest GPU Turbo Technology, now available in beta mode on Honor 10, will improve performance by 60 percent and will also reduce battery consumption by 30 percent. We'd recommend reading in detail on how this technology but if you want the synopsis, this technology increases the graphics processing efficiency on smartphones, which allows handsets to run graphically taxing games without significantly impacting the battery life and performance. The boost is achieved by increase graphics efficiency by 60 percent and reducing system-on-chip energy usage by 30 percent. The Honor 10 GT also sports Huawei AIS, which starts for AI Image stabilization and it steadies handheld night pictures for long exposure pictures without a having tripod.

He also said another differentiating factor for the Honor phones is that they're targeting the younger crowd, evidenced not only by the price but also the light, fun colors the units are available in.

What do you make of the Honor 10 GT?

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