Georgia troopers stop over 100 on first day of hands-free law

Drivers may use or wear smartwatches in place of using hand held device

Drivers may use or wear smartwatches in place of using hand held device

Now the only time you can have your phone in your hand, or in your lap, is if you're parked off to the side of the road or in a parking lot. You cannot touch your phone while sitting at a red light or a stop sign. But they can use their phones for some purposes if they're using hands-free technology.

"So, for a couple days now we're going to have a pretty strong campaign to target drivers that are not complying with the new hands-free law and take the opportunity to educate them", Redmon said. The Georgia Department of Transportation estimates that 1,545 lives were lost because of distracted driving, according to Governor's Office of Highway Safety spokesman Robert Hydrick.

"We've seen traffic deaths jump over 30 percent in two years", Hydrick said. The law requires drivers to be hands-free. But, the association said MI does have related laws: no driver can text while driving, and school bus drivers and "young drivers" aren't allowed to use cellphones at all.

Arizona enacted a similar law this week banning teen drivers from using phones until they've had their provisional license for seven months. Penalties will begin at $50 for a first offense, $100 for a second offense and $150 for three or more violations.

Exceptions include reporting a crash or emergency.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution called the law "the most significant change to Georgia traffic laws in a generation", and spoke with an officer who said the law seemed to be working as of Monday morning. This will be up to the discretion of the officer and will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Adell Huffstutler said. "It irritates me, and it frustrates me". "I think the key is education and to make sure that our citizens know what the law states and what is expected of them".

Two critical after 'major incident' near poison site
He said both were in hospital in isolation and he was receiving regular calls from the authorities to check that he was well. At first, police naturally suspected that the two had been the victims of a drug overdose.

"He was distracted by his phone", said Richard Levitan.

So what will and won't be allowed in Georgia?

Drivers also may not play music accompanied by video - even if they are not watching the video. Any kind of video chatting is also prohibited, as is recording or broadcasting video.

That's why he said he's a fan of Georgia's new hands-free law.

Drivers can no longer have phones "touching any part of their body" while talking through devices, the safety office stated.

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