Charter Launches Spectrum Mobile, Closely Follows Xfinity Mobile Playbook

Comcast starts throttling mobile video, will charge extra for HD streams

Confirmed: Comcast's Xfinity Mobile to slow video streams, hotspot connection speed

It's all the Verizon speed and coverage you could want but through Comcast! According to that post, Comcast plans to reduce the video-over-cellular data throttle from 720p to 480p, which carriers have a tendency to call "dvd resolution".

In Comcast's case, the moves are likely geared toward reducing the amount of money that Comcast must pay Verizon for the use of Verizon's LTE network.

Comcast past year began selling mobile plans with data, voice, and texting.

Comcast has since confirmed the news to Fierce Wireless.

Charter unveiled Spectrum Mobile today, the cable MSO's mobile wireless service. Those changes bring Xfinity Mobile's unlimited plans in line with the rest of the big competitors, which include similar restrictions, and there's now much less of a reason to jump ship to Xfinity Mobile.

Comcast joins a number of other wireless service providers in moving to reduce the quality of users' mobile video. Carriers argue that many consumers can't tell the difference between 480p and higher quality on smartphone screens. The change will only apply when customers are streaming video over cellular data, an important distinction since one of the benefits of Xfinity Mobile is the ability to automatically connect to the company's huge network of Wi-Fi hot spots.

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What do you think of Xfinity Mobile's changes?

Comcast will begin throttling video speeds to 480p on Comcast mobile plans unless you pay additional fees, the company announced in an email to customers. This will be allowed "on an interim basis at no charge", Ars Technica reports.

As it now stands, videos you stream using your Xfinity Mobile data are presented in 720p HD. Comcast previously imposed no speed limits on video streaming on the Xfinity Mobile service. You can continue to stream HD-quality video over WiFi, including at millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots.

Comcast suggests that this change is created to ensure lower pricing point and to help its subscribers conserve data.

The Comcast email also directs customers to an FAQ describing the video changes.

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