Facebook To Shut Down Three Of Its Mobile Applications

Facebook is shutting down Hello Moves and the anonymous teen app tbh due to ‘low usage’		
	Ingrid Lunden

   	7 hours

Facebook is shutting down Hello Moves and the anonymous teen app tbh due to ‘low usage’ Ingrid Lunden @ 7 hours

While Google seems to hold onto apps long after they've failed to take off (witness the ridiculous number of chatting apps the company is still keeping alive, despite their obvious overlap), Facebook takes a more decisive brutal approach.

As part of Facebook's vision to continue simplifying ads on Facebook for business, it's announcing Codeless Events Setup for Apps, ...

Facebook claimed that the user data from all the three apps would be deleted within 90 days.

Fans of 3 of Facebook's underused applications - Hello, Moves, and tbh - will be saddened to know the apps are getting shut down.

The app officially launched last August, and Facebook bought it for less than $100 million in October, according to TechCrunch. The app was only available in the USA and allowed teens to share opinions on things and on each other anonymously.

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If they wanted, respondents could reveal their identities to those they complimented. At the time of writing, it is ranked 200th in the "social networking" category on the iOS App Store.

"Tbh and Facebook share a common goal of building community and enabling people to share in ways that bring us closer together", a Facebook spokesperson said at the time of the acquisition.

"The low usage stats cited by Facebook as a reason for the closure point to the challenge of running a long-term service based on anonymous interactions, which can struggle to drive sufficient engagement beyond a niche audience". Hello was an app specifically for people in Brazil, the USA, and Nigeria where Android users can combine their contacts' Facebook information with the contact details that are in your phone.

First on the list is Hello, which Facebook launched in 2015. The app and the Moves API will go dark on July 31. That usually spells doom for any mobile app. The other Facebook apps getting the boot are Hello and Moves.

"We need to prioritise our work so we don't spread ourselves too thin".

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