Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte Tells Off Trump Right To His Face

‘No!’ Dutch Prime Minister smacks down Trump in the Oval Office for ranting that tariffs are ‘positive’

Trump issues WTO warning in meeting with Dutch leader

TRUMP: - because we're just thinking about those cars that pour in here.

President Trump then warned, "We're not planning anything now, but if they don't treat us properly, we will be doing something".

I guess Rutte won't be getting a return invitation to the White House anytime soon.

Prime minister Mark Rutte has urged Donald Trump to abandon plans to impose punitive tariffs on European cars to prevent the trade dispute escalating further.

Trump and Rutte will both be attending next week's North Atlantic Treaty Organisation meetings. "They want to see if they can work something out, and that'll be good, and if we do work it out, that'll be positive, and if we don't, it'll be positive also, because..." In recent days Trump has sharpened his language on trade relations with the European Union, saying he wants to banish Mercedes cars from the streets of NY and claiming the trading block was 'set up to take advantage of the United States'.

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There is domestic concern too, with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce criticizing how Trump handled global disputes.

During the meeting with Rutte, Trump said he was "very close" to reaching a number of trade deals, describing them as "fair trade deals for our taxpayers, and for our workers and for our farmers".

'My point is: scrap the tariffs that are on the table now and let's start talking, ' he said.

The Chamber is a traditional ally of Trump's Republican Party and said the White House is risking a global trade war.

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