Google's Low-Code App Maker Now Generally Available

Google's low-code environment App Maker is now available

Google launches App Maker for all G Suite customers

Google has been working pretty hard to come up with some interesting new features for G-Suite users.

App Maker is especially targeted at businesses that want to create internal tools and custom apps for specific workflows and processes that might be unique to them. The company argues that IT executives' attention is on security and governance, not on app development.

"App Maker was created to enable your line-of-business teams to build apps for the jobs [that] bigger apps don't tackle", said Geva Rechav, product manager at Google in a blog announcing general availability of the tool.

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As it moves into GA, App Maker is also getting a couple of updates: First, G Suite administrators will have visibility over these custom apps, including oversight of owners, usage metrics and OAuth permissions. On Google's Early Adopter Program, EA used App Maker to automate the process.

Unveiled as a preview in November 2016, it copies the model of other offerings in the growing low-code space, featuring a cloud-based IDE and built-in templates, drag-and-drop UI composability and point-and-click data modeling, which reportedly can let business developers easily create their own apps or drastically cut the time needed by professional coders to create apps. Google even offers a few examples of where App Maker can help: requesting purchase orders, filing and resolving help desk tickets, and tracking allocation requests.

Connected: Whether it's Gmail, Calendar or Sheets, App Maker makes it a cinch to connect with the data and services you need, all while making your apps more powerful. App Maker for instance now comes with integrated support for Cloud SQL for customers of Google Cloud Platform. Plus, you can use Apps Script to access over 40 Google services, Google Cloud Platform and other third-party services that support JDBC and REST. Organizations can also connect their own database to any app developed with App Maker thanks to new support for a "Bring Your Own Database" capability.

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