Jimmy Kimmel upset by Sen. Ted Cruz at charity basketball game

Jimmy v the blobfish: Cruz and Kimmel trash-talk before shooting hoops

When Is the Jimmy Kimmel, Ted Cruz Basketball Challenge? ‘Blobfish Basketball Classic’ Named After Kimmel Insult

The former Republican presidential candidate and the late night talk show host will face off at Texas Southern University for a game of one-on-one, in what has been dubbed 'The Blobfish Classic.' The game's name was inspired by an insult Kimmel had levied at Cruz, which sparked the idea for the game.

Ted Cruz needed basketball advice. So, in summary, if you ever happen to beat Texas senator Ted Cruz at a game of basketball, enjoy knowing that, via the transitive property, you've also beaten Jimmy Kimmel as well.

Clips from the game are scheduled to air on Kimmel's show Monday night.

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Ted Cruz practicing hoops in a promotional video. The game was supposed to be played to 15, but was cut short because it was taking too long.

When it was done, both agreed that charities should be the big winners. Kimmel is playing for Texas Children's Hospital and Cruz is playing for Generation One, a Houston education charity. On the court, Cruz took home the 11-9 victory.

On Saturday night before a crowd of 5,000 at Texas Southern's gym, Cruz and Kimmel played 80 minutes of mostly bad basketball. While Kimmel has the height advantage, Cruz might have the skill advantage. You talk a good game. On the video, he thanked Allen for agreeing to stand in for him against Kimmel. Because this is a guy who, during the election, Donald Trump insinuated that his wife was ugly and his dad helped kill JFK. That's right. This is a man whose motto is: "If you can't beat 'em, throw away your dignity and grovel before them like a hungry dog".

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