Kilauea: Gems Shooting Into the Air Along With Volcano's Lava

Hawaii volcano update lava from fissure 8

AFP GettyHawaii volcano update This lava flow from fissure 8 is exploding when it reaches the sea

The eruption of Kilauea volcano gave rise to many unusual phenomena - for example, the blue flames escaping from under the ground.

Gov. David Ige says Trump approved the request for individual assistance on Thursday.

Footage released by the US Geological Survey shows a steady flow of lava streaming from a fissure on Hawaii's Big Island, as more smoke billows from the coastline.

Hawaii's congressional delegation urged Trump to act quickly on Ige's request.

"Gas emissions from the fissure eruption and at the ocean entry continue to be very high", the Civil Defense Agency said. "Olivine is formed in hot and deep magmas and is brought up to the surface during an eruption".

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Several residents of the area posted photos on social media of handfuls and piles of the tiny green gems, however. There are also many other odd effects of the volcano erupting, tiny beats of a green mineral called "olivine" have rained from the sky in some areas. "It's pretty common", Stovall said to Mashable.

Vacationland, a private development believed to comprise about 160 homes, was completely erased, and at least 330 houses were devoured by lava at Kapoho Beach Lots, Kim said. "So as long as the summit explosions continue, there likely will be earthquakes and ground shaking associated with the explosion".

The little crystals discovered near the volcano this week, however, are not being created during the eruption.

There is one odd, but exciting side-effect of Mount Kilauea's eruption: the volcano is spewing green gems.

Over 700 homes on Hawaii's Big Island are destroyed by the Kilauea volcano, as reported by KGMB, an CBS Honolulu affiliate.

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