Sony blocks Fortnite cross-play on Switch

Fortnite For Nintendo Switch Released

Sony's Cross-Play Policies Are Hurting Fortnite Players on Nintendo Switch

Sony had been tight-lipped about the controversy, but in a statement to the BBC on Thursday, did little to help its cause. "And that's a decision that each of them are making, and some are supporting cross-play and some are not". "Neither the "Fortnite" website nor Epic Customer Service are able to change this".

Sony chiefs are under pressure to respond to complaints about "cross-play" restrictions imposed on Fortnite.

"According to The NPD Group's Games Acquisition Monitor, at the end of Q1 over 40 percent of Switch owners in the United States also owned a PS4", NPD analyst Mat Piscatella wrote on Twitter.

Conversely, Microsoft has capitalised from Sony's stance: those who have played Fortnite on the Xbox One are experiencing no problems in accessing their Epic Games accounts in Fortnite on the Switch.

Epic said this week that the title has amassed 125 million players worldwide.

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Gamers were already unable to share a Fortnite account between Microsoft and Sony's platforms.

Fortnite on the Switch can talk to the versions on PC and Xbox, but not the PS4 edition. Switch and Xbox One users could play with each other, as well as PC users, but not with PS4 players.

Fils-Aimé started by commenting on the lineup of upcoming Switch games, as some followers were concerned with the lack of major titles shown at E3.

"According to a statement provided to BBC News, Sony insists that it's ".always open to hearing what the PlayStation community is interested in to enhance their gaming experience", though it hasn't offered any hint of resolution for console gamers hoping to play with others. NPD analyst Mat Piscatella notes on Twitter that 40 percent of Switch owners in the United States also own a PS4, meaning this isn't likely to be a small-scale problem among the tens of millions of Fortnite players. People are getting locked out of their stuff on a platform that uses the slogan "this is for the players". 2DS and 3DS are for kids and families to get engaged for the first time potentially in video games, and Nintendo Switch is going to be that game where consumers want to play Smash Bros., Zelda and all of those big epic games. And we work hard with them to bring that to life. Sure, at least some of the fragments can be put together, but true "play anywhere" capability still doesn't exist.

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