A ‘Stranger Things’ video game is in the works

Telltale nabs yet another big license, is working on a Stranger Things game

Telltale and Netflix partnership includes Stranger Things game, Minecraft Story Mode stream

Stranger Things, inspired by the likes of Stephen King and other 1980s pop culture, debuted on Netflix in 2016. "(Though, from the sounds of it, numerous battle sequences will be cut from the final product, )" the article notes. According to the source, the first game will be Telltale Games' Minecraft: Story Mode.

That's isn't exactly what's happening. As suspected, the Minecraft release will be an "interactive narrative story", similar to the stories the service has featured since last summer.

Netflix has only confirmed the existence of the project thus far, so it's not clear if the game will tell an existing story covered in the Stranger Things story, or something simply based in the same universe.

Separately, we've learned of a new Telltale Games project based on Netflix's hit series Stranger Things - though no release window or additional details were provided.

TechRadar reports that the streaming company has teamed up with Telltale Games (known for their point-and-click adaptations of The Walking Dead, Batman, and The Wolf Among Us) to distribute some of their games on Netflix this year.

"Stranger Things" lends itself more to a mobile gaming format, though.

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This partnership has yet to be formally announced by either company, but sources say that the announcement "could happen any day".

It also said that the report of a Stranger Things game made for Netflix was flat out wrong.

What are your thoughts on interactive streams coming to Netflix? It remains to be seen what Netflix's version is going to look like, but it's clear the streaming company has ambitious plans to make its service more engaging by offering its subscribers content beyond video.

This approach is a natural bedfellow for Telltale's relaxed approach to games design, which limit gameplay to traversing an environment and selecting dialog options.

Update: Netflix reached out to us with more specifics, pointing out that it has no intention to get into the "gaming" industry outright, stating that it does acknowledge their increasingly cinematic nature. But that approach also places limits on the types of games it can support (i.e. don't expect a Call of Duty: Netflix Edition) - which, as we now know, is by design.

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