United States, Canada and Mexico to jointly host 2026 World Cup



For the first time, the World Cup will feature 48 teams after Federation Internationale de Football Association voted to expand the tournament in January 2017.

On Wednesday, FIFA member countries voted 134-65 for the three nations over the other candidate, Morocco.

"The United Bid's successful effort in bringing the 2026 World Cup to North America is a monumental breakthrough for soccer in the United States, Canada and Mexico", Sporting Kansas City owner Cliff Illig said in a news release. Their lone opponent was Morocco.

Gill said he was "pleased" by the new bidding process for the 2026 tournament, with the United States, Canada and Mexico winning the right to host the event, beating Morocco.

The United Bid of Canada, Mexico, and the United States on Wednesday morning was selected to host the 2026 World Cup by the 68th FIFA Congress in Moscow.

The United Bid was endorsed by David Beckham and there will be 16 host cities across North America with the USA holding ten of the 16, while Mexico and Canada will have three each. The United States will host the remaining 60, including the final. Canada has never hosted a men's World Cup, though it was the site of the 2015 Women's World Cup.

North America is optimistically promising to deliver $14 billion in revenue helped, while the tournament won't require major construction work required on the 16 planned stadiums, all of which already exist.

U.S., Canada and Mexico to Host World Cup in 2026

Venues for the 2026 World Cup, which is slated to be the first WC to feature 48 teams, will be chosen from 23 stadiums that now exist or are already under construction.

The 2026 World Cup is coming to the United States - and Miami is expected to be one of the venues. That's the spirit of the World Cup. "There would be tens of thousands of global visitors that would be coming into the city, enjoying everything we have to offer", said Needle.

Shanks is gearing up for this year's tournament in Moscow, which will be broadcast in the U.S.by Fox Sports, and will take place in 11 cities across Russian Federation.

Vancouver had an opportunity to join Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton as a potential host, but the united North American bid committee was forced to move forward without the West Coast city in March after failing to reach a deal over the cost of the tournament.

There has been no formal announcement yet that the three co-host countries will skip qualifying, as has been the tournament custom.

In 20 previous tournaments there's only ever been eight different winners with five of those - Brazil, Uruguay, Italy, Germany and Argentina - having won 17 of the previous 20 Cups between them, while only four other countries outside those past winners have even made it through to a final.

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