United States believes North Korea disarmament to come in 30 months

Trump Kim sign 'comprehensive' denuclearization deal

Trump Predicts 'Tremendous Success' In Summit With Kim

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will start denuclearizing "immediately", President Trump Donald said in his first sit-down interview following their historic summit in Singapore.

Trump's Tuesday meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un produced a wave of USA concessions in exchange for vague, nonbinding promises from North Korea.

Trump, seemingly unprompted, has long wanted to withdraw the US from South Korea, and now he may have found a reason.

The same report was later read by star North Korean broadcaster Ri Chun Hee on state television.

Pompeo said Trump would resume the military drills if North Korea stops negotiating in good faith.

The meeting was also a "defining moment" for Trump, leader of "the world's police at the moment", said Cabalza.

Despite Trump's optimism after his summit with Kim, many remained skeptical that North Korea, infamous on the world stage for making empty promises, especially when it comes to its nuclear program, would follow through on its pledges from this week's meetings.

He said he was confident that the North Koreans "understand what we're prepared to do, [the] handful of things we're not likely to do". He met Kim again in May when Trump said he was withdrawing from the planned summit with Kim - a decision Trump quickly reversed. But because anti-Trumpers induced many to believe war was imminent, many now believe they are much safer thanks to the summit. "Denuclearisation was just an appendage", he said.

He lauded the joint statement of bare-bones principles as a comprehensive denuclearisation agreement, when to many seasoned observers it didn't constitute anything close to a disarmament agenda binding Kim Jong-un to action.

President's habit of ripping up documents a headache for record-keepers
The entire White House records management department was tasked with reassembling the documents with Scotch tape. . But the idea that Trump rips up paper that should be preserved for record keeping was instantly mocked online.

But conservatives in South Korea slammed the summit, saying it failed to curb North Korea's nuclear ambitions.

Trump also said that his meeting with Kim was an "interesting and very positive experience" and that "North Korea has great potential for the future!".

It said the two men "gladly accepted" mutual invitations to visit each other's countries.

"We are ready to write a new chapter between our nations", Trump told reporters after the much-talked about summit - the first between a sitting United States president and North Korea's top leader.

Addressing the media briefly after their handshake Trump said while sitting next to Kim: "It's my honor - we will have a terrific relationship, I have no doubt".

And Jimmy Fallon also picked up on the awkward phrasing used by the president, joking on The Tonight Show: "When he heard that, Kim Jong-un was like, 'Let's do this meeting somewhere in public'". -South Korea military exercises along the demilitarized zone separating the two Koreas, a tangible concession that drew criticism from a number of lawmakers back home.

"It's propaganda in the end", said Jeong Hyung-gon, a research fellow at the Korea Institute for International Economic Policy.

The presentation bemused those of us packed into the press hall - we thought at first it was North Korean propaganda.

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