Apple rumor claims USB-C support for 2019 iPhones and future iPads

Image    Apple began working on the USB issue before learning it was popularly used by police

Image Apple began working on the USB issue before learning it was popularly used by police

According to supply chain sources, Apple is now looking into the new connector for its future iPhones but not for this year.

Examples range from capacitive screens to smartwatches, and now, according to DigiTimes, this will soon include USB-C.

Oddly, the report doesn't go into specifics regarding whether USB-C will be used on both ends of the iPhone cable, or just the one that goes into the charging brick (or a computer).

Apple said the change, which would disable the Lightning port on the bottom edge of iPhones an hour after users lock their phones, is part of a security upgrade to better protect the private information of iPhone users.

The idea is to give customers a fast charging phone at purchase. The lightning connector is believed to be able to take advantage of high power delivery, but the transfer rate of the data cables bundled with iPhones is said to be around that of the USB 2.0 standard at a mere 480 Mbps. That way owners of multiple Apple products will only need to carry one charger when out.

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However, there will be no change to the port in the iPhones launched later this year. While nearly all Android OEMs have switched to the USB-C connector on their flagship devices, some continue to launch their budget devices with a microUSB port.

Earlier this month, we reported that iOS 12 introduces a new USB Restricted Mode that makes it harder for law enforcement agencies to thwart iPhone security.

Apple has been the most prominent opponent of those demands. So it likely won't appear in the iPhone 2018 line-up expected this September.

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