Bethesda teases The Elder Scrolls VI with first trailer at E3 2018

Bethesda Just Announced ELDER SCROLLS VI and STARFIELD

Bethesda Officially Announces The Elder Scrolls VI

There you go, you can close this post now.

As for the trailers, "Cyberpunk 2077" and "Halo Infinite" appear to be making the biggest impact on social media so far.

But it's all exciting nonetheless, and Bethesda will probably have lots more to show during the week.

Elder Scrolls Blades will release in the fall of 2018.

Before that though will be Starfield, Bethesda's brand new sci-fi epic which will be first their first completely new franchise in over 20 years. Of course, the game could be set in any number of locations, such as the desert land of Hammerfell. What no-one was expecting, however, was Elder Scrolls: Blades. TES Blades will centre around a mixture of handcrafted and procedural dungeons, with players swiping and tapping their screen to hunt for treasure and fight all manner of ghosts and ghoulies - as well as collecting resources to build up their town base.

Blades is "a massive first-person RPG with console quality graphics, but with a uniquely mobile experience", Howard said, describing the campaign-centric title as, "at its heart.a pure Elder Scrolls game".

You can craft your own character and play as whoever you want to be. The team behind it is obviously proud of it, and when Bethesda are proud of something, we know it's going to be great. You can check out Polygon's guide on how to do that here. Titled Very Special Edition, the game's Amazon page description reads: "Bethesda Game Studios is proud to present Skyrim. for Alexa".

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Bethesda will offer an open and closed beta in the run up to the games release in November, an the only way to get access s to pre-order the finished product. It will also be playable in a single-player mode, like the previous games.

Fallout 76 is the latest game in the Fallout series but also the earliest chapter, chronologically. In this respect, it's reminiscent of the very first Elder Scrolls game, Arena. On the topic of Wolfenstein, two guys from Machinegames stopped by to announce Wolfenstein: Youngbloods.

The previously rumoured PREY DLC was officially announced. Apparently, the enemies and loot will be randomized each time you play. Like Fallout Shelter before it, Blades is a renewed exploration into the power of handheld devices, and their inter-connectivity with other hardware, such as VR. There will be persistent leveling, and players can join their friends to hunt down rare monsters or just to be jerks to one another. Additionally, they had the funniest moment of E3 2018 thus far.

The combat in Rage 2 looks fast and frantic. Last night at the show, Id Software revealed that if you download the game this week, it will be free forever. It's too soon to tell, though, so we're waiting on more info. Besides, you've got nothing to lose but your time.

Bethesda's event also saw a Doom sequel unveiled. This new IP could be the start of something quite huge. Keep in mind that like ESO's take on Skyrim and Morrowind, things have been condensed a bit in favor a world more easily traversed, so you won't have to worry that there's nothing left to see. It'll be interesting to see if that was intentional or a goof.

We imagine there will be in-app purchases available, but Bethesda hasn't gone into any of those details just yet. This will be used to test the game's multiplayer. And now that it's available for console, it's an essential mod for Xbox One. Doom Eternal is running around with some new premises that gamers have asked for, and Wolfenstein Youngblood is going to insane places as that series tends to do.

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