Iran's Rouhani criticizes U.S. 'unilateralism' over nuclear deal

President Donald Trump leaves after holding a press conference ahead of his early departure from the G7 Summit

President Donald Trump leaves after holding a press conference ahead of his early departure from the G7 Summit

At the outset, I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Xi Jinping, President of the friend country of the People's Republic of China, for his warm hospitality and proper planning for holding this summit.

They have "resolutely supported the other's core interests ... and jointly proactively participated in worldwide affairs and global governance, " Xi said. "A Trump presidency would represent the death knell of America as a great power".

Earlier on Sunday, Putin said he's happy to meet with President Donald Trump once Washington is ready to hold the summit.

The addition of South Asian rivals India and Pakistan have also raised questions about the group's long-term cohesiveness.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei declared five basic conditions for Tehran's stay in the nuclear deal, namely that the European countries undertaking not to question Iran's ballistic missile program and Tehran's regional role, in addition to issuing a resolution condemning the United States for withdrawing from the agreement and providing guarantees including confronting U.S. sanctions and establishing banking relations with Iranian banks.

Chinese leader Xi Jinping called for the Iran nuclear deal to be "earnestly" implemented as he met the country s president following the USA withdrawal from the pact, state media said Monday.

"It's in everyone's interests", Conte added, in an echo of Trump's own words after the combative United States president shocked both his allies and those back in his own country when he announced in Washington that, "Russia should be in (sic) this meeting", Trump told reporters in Washington as he left the White House. A US intelligence report released in 2017 concluded Russian Federation meddled in the 2016 election at the order of Vladimir Putin.

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Even as the scope of the breakdown over USA tariffs became clear, Xi was taking the podium to criticize what he said were new forms of "unilateralism" and "protectionism". Neither country is friendly to the USA, though for different reasons. The foreign ministry spokesman noted that Putin was the most recognized foreign leader by the Chinese public. Founded in 2001, it was originally conceived as a vehicle for resolving border issues, fighting terrorism and - more implicitly - to counter American influence in Central Asia after its invasion of Afghanistan.

Russian Federation and China have responded to the US national security strategy describing them as America's top adversaries by vowing to further expand their economic, political and military cooperation.

Xi also called on the two countries to deepen political relations to enhance strategic mutual trust, increase exchanges at all levels, and continue to support each other on issues of major concern involving their respective core interests, according to Xinhua news agency.

As trade tensions have simmered between China and the recent months, Beijing has drawn closer to Moscow and New Delhi. He and Xi have met 25 times _ five times a year ago alone, according to Putin's foreign affairs adviser, .

Xi and Modi also found common ground on security.

Speaking at a joint press point with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Brussels on June 1, the European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini said the bloc and China share commitment to preserve the nuclear agreement and to work for its continuation.

Putin has made 19 trips to China, Geng stressed.

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