E3 2018 day two: Ubisoft, Sony and more!

Ubisoft shows new Skull & Bones trailer at E3 2018

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: First Details Leaked via Playstation Store.

Ubisoft goes even further, claiming this will be "your" Odyssey -- the evidence for which is players having a choice of male or female avatars, Alexios or Cassandra. Or will you adopt a true pirate's life and betray your fellow players, making off with all of the loot yourself? So whether this means you'll be playing some sort of Spartan Templar, or a Greek Assassin. we don't know for sure.

The description also encouraged fans to watch the game's world premiere trailer, which has yet to actually premiere.

Heavy emphasis was placed on the fact that Ubisoft wants this to be an epic RPG experience, and the new features are meant to make this Assassin's Creed more RPG-y than ever before. There will be opportunities to tease out more information during conversations, but some decisions can impact how the game plays out. The screenshots also give us a good look at Odyssey's map, locations, and tease a little bit of its naval gameplay.

How well all of those elements will come together remains to be seen, but expect more details on Assassin's Creed: Odyssey as E3 2018 continues.

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One of the big showstoppers though is that Assassin's Creed Odyssey will have dialogue options and able to choose what your character is saying.

A large crew is on board the ship and we get to see some of the UI being teased, which seems to look similar to an MMO style system.

The game will take place in Greece and its surrounding islands. Setting players loose in the open Indian Ocean, this new mode will let them hunt merchant ships, loot trade routes, and sink enemy vessels either as a lone wolf or part of a pirate gang. AC Odyssey is set in Greece, and will be out this October.

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