Anthem Dated for February with Cinematic Trailer and Gameplay Insights

Anthem gameplay trailer reveals how quests, combat, and flying work

Bioware's Anthem Will Be Released On Feb. 22nd For Consoles And PC

Customization for characters was also touched up but not mentioned in great detail.

Next up for football/soccer fans, EA introduced us to Federation Internationale de Football Association 19 and that the UEFA Champions League it's going to feature. They brought the actual UEFA trophy with them to the show.

Luckily, we've arranged a full list of the most important press conferences happening in the days leading up to E3 so you don't have to go to the trouble of tracking down information on each one individually. Unfortunately, there is no PvP gameplay announced at this time. More so when you consider that EA doesn't really have any big games slated for that time of the year.

The game's director revealed earlier that fans will be getting a beta period. Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella announced that a new Star Wars game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, would be debuting at the end of 2019. It seems so natural that when the game was announced previous year, many had just assumed it would have PvP options similar to Destiny, but fans had gotten ahead of themselves. There is a new hunt mode and new squad system in the gameplay which offers easy teamup options for players. As for the release date, the game is usually scheduled on October 19 but the developer hinted that it could be delayed. This program is meant to give Independent developers the resources and materials required to make a successful game. The game is set to release later this year.

The other is the indie title "Sea of Solitude", which is an incredible game about loneliness and depth. The only way to fill a squad in Anthem is with other, human players. The game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. Featuring our old friend "Yarny", with another "Yarny" friend joining the game.

But if that is the case, this will inevitably lead to a fractured player base, split between those that can afford to enjoy each new chunk of story as and when they drop, and those that can't. Let's take a look!

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We then got trailers for National Basketball Association 19 available September 7th and for Madden 19 available August 7th. Bioware developers at E3 stressed that despite being a multiplayer experience, Anthem, and its future add-on content, will prioritize story and character in the way Bioware fans have come to hope for.

E3 2018 is finally here.

BioWare manager Casey Hudson confirmed the title won't have loot boxes or "ability to pay for power", but will feature microtransactions for customisable outfits for each mech suit, otherwise known as Javelins.

Anthem is developed by BioWare and will be available worldwide February 22 for Origin for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

EA Sports Games If your a sports gamer, you know EA has it all: Madden, FIFA, NHL and NBA Live are all staples of the company's E3 rollout.

Watch the entire Anthem presentation below.

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