Supermodel ends Formula 1 race two laps early with premature checkered flag

Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix after leading from start to finish

GETTYSebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix after leading from start to finish

It was a farcical end to a somewhat boring race that echoed Pele's early drop of the flag at the Brazilian Grand Prix in 2002, with fans vocally fed up of celebrities being handed such access that they can only dream of. "I told them on the last lap so that people don't jump on the track, waving flags and celebrating, because we're still going at full pace".

Model Winnie Harlow blamed race officials after she brought a premature end to the Canadian Grand Prix.

The problem for Vettel and the rest of the drivers was there was still a lap left.

According to ESPN, the error did not impact the race result, as first-place finisher Sebastian Vettel maintained a strong racing speed for what should have been the final lap, though he did message Ferrari with a warning that the flag had been displayed early.

But Daniel Ricciardo was definitely affected by the gaffe as he missed out on picking up the fastest lap of the race.

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The gaffe didn't change much of anything: Sebastian Vettel, who was declared the victor, led the entire race and maintained his speed after the flag went out, so he nearly certainly would have won anyway had the race gone the full 70 laps.

"I told them I don't think the race is over yet", Vettel told The Associated Press.

And the error resulted in confusion for drivers, teams and marshals.

"You're dealing with a lot of human beings, different countries, different languages, and it's not always absolutely flawless". "I was just anxious that people don't jump on the track and start celebrating. Fortunately there was no real harm done, insofar as it didn't affect the result of the race". But that won't be reflected in the official race box score.

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