INFINITE With Surprise Trailer at E3 — Microsoft Reveals HALO

Sure enough, Microsoft has just announced Halo Infinite, referred to as a "New Halo Experience". The last time we saw a proper game in the Halo series was with the fifth game, Guardians, about three years ago.

The full trailer shows a glimpse of the Master Chief himself, and there is some impressive landscape shots, hinting at an expansive environment.

A brief teaser was shown, which depicted returning supersoldier Master Chief on what looks like Earth.

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"The E3 demo showcases some of the exciting potential of this technology - everything you see is running in-engine", they wrote. You'll have to wait a bit longer, Halo fans. And that's about all we know so far. We know it'll be developed by 343 Industries, and it'll apparently use a new engine called "Slipspace".

The trailer doesn't reveal a whole lot of information about the game, though there is one very important detail right at the end ...

What if Majora's Mask made our moon fall to Earth?

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