Doug Ford's Progressive Conservatives win majority government

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The Premier-designate held his first news conference Friday after leading his Progressive Conservatives to a majority.

Closer to home, UCP Leader Jason Kenney offered his congratulations to fellow conservative Ford.

However, Horwath's campaign also played into Ford's hands. "The combination of experience and expertise of the private and public sectors across the province will ensure the continued deliver of high quality infrastructure on time, on budget, with full value for money to the taxpayer", added Romoff.

The Liberals, who had faced voter anger over rising hydro bills and questionable government spending among other issues, said they would weigh their next steps.

Wynne admitted last weekend that her party would lose the election, but urged voters to elect enough Liberals to prevent the other parties from winning a majority government.

Wynne's low personal approval ratings helped drive the Liberals way down in the polls.

Liberal heavyweights like Finance Minister Charles Sousa, Labour Minister Kevin Flynn, Environment Minister Chris Ballard, Health Minister Helena Jaczek and Economic Development Minister Stephen Del Duca all went down to defeat.

The NDP under Andrea Horwath will form the Official Opposition, marking a turnaround for a party consistently stuck in third place since Bob Rae's New Democratic government was defeated in 1995.

Maybe our Prime Minister is just extremely busy, maybe he is trying to stay impartial or maybe behind closed doors, there's drama brewing on the massive loss the Liberals were handed in Ontario under Kathleen Wynne's leadership.

In Ottawa Centre, Attorney General Yasir Naqvi lost his seat, finishing second to New Democrat Joel Harden.

The Ontario NDP surged to 40 seats Thursday night, almost double their 2014 wins in 21 ridings.

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Local businesses who have gone out of their way to ensure our event is a huge success year after year. "Oh my gosh, that was so huge", Jackson laughed recalling last year's event .

Each election cycle, we hear the reasons as to why people don't vote: 'I don't have time, ' 'I forgot, ' 'My vote doesn't matter anyway'.

"Tonight's election is good news for Alberta".

Ford, who has positioned himself as a champion of "the little guy" and has been compared to U.S. President Donald Trump, is wealthy businessman. Leader Mike Schreiner won in his electoral district of Guelph with 36 per cent of the vote.

He predicted the ruling Liberal Party could drop below the eight seats needed to be recognised as an official party in the province's legislature.

He has been elected premier of Ontario. Once voters focused on the federal election campaign a few months later, however, that lead evaporated.

Even so, Doug Ford's disrupter philosophy will send aftershocks far beyond Ontario.

Ontario PC leader Doug Ford wins a majority government.

The brother of former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who made headlines around the world as Canada's "crack mayor" over his drug use, has become the new leader of the province of Ontario. Furthermore, the Liberal party won't be able to regain official party status until the next election is held four years from now.

While it's certainly an important right, I'm not sure it's greater than the right to life, the right to a fair trial, the right to clean water, the right to fair wages and the right to express your opinions freely and openly, whether you're registered to vote or not.

As a result, Elections Ontario has extended voting hours in seven locations. Aside from the election results themselves, the most pressing question triggered by this event for many employers is: are my employees entitled to paid time off to vote?

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