Tyron Woodley responds to Colby Covington’s post-fight call out

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The same was said about UFC 223 two months ago, before things in Brooklyn started to unravel.

From the time he chose to relocate to the welterweight division, Dos Anjos has been laser focused on joining Randy Couture, BJ Penn, Conor McGregor and Georges St-Pierre as the only fighters to capture UFC titles in two different divisions. Multiple rising prospects. Even a former pro wrestling star.

Conor McGregor revealed that he nearly returned to UFC last month until "something came up". McGregor is facing several cases due to the incident. Dos Anjos barely catches Covington with a knee strike before getting taken down, Dos Anjos gets up and separates from Covington.

"No one can stop my will", Covington said.

The constant forward pressure was enough to impress the judges, and Colby Covington is the new interim UFC Welterweight Champion.

With a win this weekend over Colby Covington and a quick turnaround Rafael Dos Anjos may get the chance to unify the welterweight belt and become a true two division champion.

Still. Is his overall sentiment wrong?

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It was probably music to Covington's ears.

Most are aware of how he's accomplished that. Let us know in the comments.

It's made Covington an obvious target for criticism. He's making money off of people hating him, so he certainly won't turn down the attention with his any-publicity-is-good-publicity philosophy. Does that alone make it worth it?

Though he's been sidelined with injury as of late, his body of work inside the octagon as champion can not be denied, racking up victories over Demian Maia, and Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson twice. But he also took a completely different approach in it. If there was any surprise, it was the fast start of Covington. In the final frame of the fight, Covington dumped RDA to the floor a little over one minute in.

The result was a somewhat sloppy but dominant win. But if a guy's a No. 1 contender, you can't try to avoid him. They broke and engage briskly; Covington pressed the action and dos Anjos fired back.

This matchup could actually end up ugly for either fighter, depending on the range at which it's fought.

Covington's pressure made it hard for dos Anjos to find a rhythm, however. From calling the Brazilian fans "animals" to his twitter beef with Kamaru Usman and the 80's throwback of calling everyone nerds, Colby Covington seems to have talked his way into an Interim Title fight with Rafael Dos Anjos. When he was told that he would fight me, he said, 'Dos Anjos, just in December - only December'. Perhaps something to look for.

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