NJ trooper pulls over officer who helped with his delivery

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State Trooper Michael Patterson and Matthew Bailly a former police officer. Courtesy of New Jersey State Police

A routine traffic stop turned into a reunion of sorts between a New Jersey state trooper and the retired cop who delivered him 27 years ago.

Trooper Michael Patterson was on patrol Friday when he pulled over Matthew Bailly for a tinted window violation in Kingwood Township.

Bailly revealed he used to work as a police officer in Patterson's hometown of Piscataway and told the story of an instance in which he helped deliver a baby outside a home there as a rookie officer.

New Jersey State Trooper Michael Patterson pulled over retired Piscataway police officer Matthew Bailly, who delivered Patterson as a baby 27 years ago.

The experience had stayed with Mr Bailly to the extent that he was able to describe details of the house, and even recalled the baby's name - Michael.

Mr Patterson then replied, "My name is Michael Patterson, sir. Thank you for delivering me", he said.

On the day Patterson was born, his mother Karen was out shopping when she went into labor, police said.

A doctor talked Officer Bailly through the birth via telephone leading to Michael's birth.

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Patterson later brought his mother to Bailly's home, where the two cops took another photo.

Further discussion led both men to realize their connection to Poe Place. But once Patterson discovered who he was speaking to, he gave Bailly a warning and let him off without a ticket.

"His mouth dropped - and so did mine", Patterson told reporters Thursday.

Patterson's mother, Karen, had gone into labor while shopping and was barely able to make it home, according to the New Jersey State Police.

Trooper Stops Retired Police Officer Who Delivered Him 27 Years AgoWe're not sure what the odds are of this. When she got home it was too late to get to the hospital.

They called for help and called their doctor.

"After all, as a police officer, you don't always get a chance to have a moment like this with people you once helped in your career", the New Jersey State Police wrote.

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