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CDC: Suicide rates on the rise in almost every state | TheHill

Suicide rates up across US and Utah, but mental health may not play primary role

But local mental health advocates said they are also seeing younger people struggling with suicidal impulses.

And deaths by suicide have been steadily increasing across the country for almost two decades, according to a new government report released on Thursday.

In Oregon, two people on average lose their lives to suicide each day, making self-harm one of the leading causes of death. The increase was higher for white males than any other race or gender group, however.

In 2016, 745 suicides were reported in Minnesota.

The rate was the highest in Montana with an increase of 38 percent between 1999 and 2016.

Physical health problems were present in about a fifth of suicide victims, the CDC found. "Are they going to take the next step?" he said.

Overall, the rate rose to 15.4 per 100,000 in 2014-2016 from 12.3 per 100,000 in 1999-2001. IN was even higher, experiencing an increase of suicides from 31 to 37 percent.

Indiana's suicide rate increased 31 percent between 1999 and 2016. "It's also about other methods of suicide, such as hanging, suffocation, poisoning, and the like". Finding economic circumstances was a major contributing factor, especially during the Great Recession (2008).

John Madigan, vice president of public policy for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, said the rising suicide rate is a complex phenomenon and that it is hard to pinpoint a reason despite all of the resources available. The CDC report found that the majority of people who died by suicide didn't have known mental health diagnoses at the time of death.

"And, unfortunately, our data show that the problem is getting worse", Anne Schuchat, MD, principal deputy director at CDC, said at a press briefing, reports Medscape. Outside of the US, please visit the International Association for Suicide Prevention for a database of resources.

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"Suicide is more than a mental health issue", Schuchat said. Gun suicide attempts end in death about 85 percent of the time, compared to less than 5 percent for intentional drug overdoses.

She included in her post an extensive list of numbers anyone can call to get help and encouraged them to 'Please don't hesitate.

Middle-age adults had the highest increase in suicides.

"You don't die by suicide as a result of a divorce or bullying or a job loss".

Why are suicides on the rise?

But Anestis believes that it's important to not beat around the bush when it comes to guns and to talk about the importance of things like setting waiting periods for purchase, and storing guns locked and unloaded. "It's OK if you don't see any signs to ask how somebody is doing".

There is a national campaign urging people to #Bethe1to help save a life by asking and listening whenever they notice warning signs in someone they know. No one cares about me. "It's really realizing that is' worth that fight, because it really is a fight", Bushamn said. "If someone mentions those sorts of things, dig a little bit deeper".

Ask someone you're anxious about if they're thinking about suicide.

For emergencies that are life-threatening, you should immediately call 911. It could be someone you are anxious about. "It's not just a mental health concern", says Deborah Stone, a behavioral scientist at the CDC and the lead author of the new study.

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