Just Cause 4 Leaked Ahead of Reveal by Steam Ad

Just Cause 3

Just Cause 4 accidentally shows up on Steam storefront

Clicking for extra details didn't take users to a Just Cause 4 store page; it just redirected them to Steam's front page. From the Walmart leak that broke the silence on RAGE 2 to Crackdown 3's delay getting confirmed ahead of time, there probably won't be much to the show we won't know next week. It's also a safe bet that Just Cause 4 will be powered by Avalanche's in-house APEX engine, as all the other games they're working on.

What can we expect from Just Cause 4?

There has been no official announcement from publishers Square Enix, or Avalanche, regarding this release, after the promo images were found.

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Citing people familiar with the matter, British freelance video game journalist Jim Sterling reported Square was "convinced" that the age of console gaming was coming to an end along with other video game publishers.

Still, with an additional three years' experience under its belt and plenty of lessons learned from the third instalment, I for one remain cautiously optimistic that Just Cause 4 will be a welcome return to form for Avalanche's unique action shooter. It's a brand new IP from the studio, which sees the player explore and try to survive in a "reimagining of 1980's Sweden" where hostile machines have invaded the countryside.

The advert doesn't seem to specify what consoles Just Cause 4 will be heading to but considering the past titles have been on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One we're likely to see it on both again.

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