Putin says he warned Europe about United States trade threat, nobody listened

Russia 'not trying to split EU', says Putin

Putin: Mueller Indictments Of Russians Driven By U.S. Politics

During the visit, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Putin will hold small- and large-scale talks, meet the press together, attend signing ceremonies and welcome banquets, and exchange views on bilateral relations, cooperation in key areas, and other global and regional issues of common concern, said Hua. Putin mentioned seeing a German news headline declaring, "Donald Trump pushes Europe into Putin's arms".

"If this happens I think it would have very serious consequences for the Ukrainian government in general".

In February, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians for allegedly impersonating Americans and contacting "unwitting" Trump campaign officials in an attempt to tilt the 2016 election in Trump's favor.

There were no questions about Russian interference in the 2016 USA presidential race, but Putin brought up the subject.

"If we take this together with an earlier joke, that Russian Federation influenced elections in the United States, then this all taken together, starts sounding pretty amusing", he said.

When asked whether a global conflict might break out, Putin quoted legendary physicist Albert Einstein, who once said that while he doesn't know what weapons might be used to wage Third World War, "World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones".

Muguruza thrashes Sharapova to reach semi-finals
The women got their matches done before rain arrived at Roland Garros , leaving the men's quarterfinals suspended in progress. It's a great semi-finals. "It's not that important, because it's constantly this thing going on", said Muguruza.

Notionally scheduled to commemorate 50 years since Austria became the first western European country to sign a natural gas deal with the Soviet Union, the visit also offered the Russian and Austrian leaders opportunities to advance their respective geopolitical agendas, with a youthful Kurz, 32, pushing his credentials as a bridge builder between east and west.

During his four hour-plus Q & A in Moscow on Thursday, Putin was asked which world leaders he addresses using the informal version of you - "ty" - as opposed to the formal 'vy'.

Prigozhin has been dubbed "Putin's chef" by Russian media because his restaurants and catering businesses have hosted the Kremlin leader's dinners with foreign dignitaries.

'So what? I know many people in St Petersburg and Moscow.

This year, the Interfax news agency reported Putin would forego his usual studio audience, field text and video questions on a series of TV monitors, and hand out real time orders to regional governors and government ministers who have been told to be at their desks when the event starts at 0900 GMT. When pressed further, he pointed to Hungarian-American financier and philanthropist George Soros, alleging that Soros meddles in the affairs of various nations while "our American friends often tell me that America has nothing to do with it". "The State Department will say that it has nothing to do with them - rather it is Mr Soros" private affair. "Well, here it's Mr. Prigozhin's private business". This is my answer. "Are you satisfied with it?"

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